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Quick intro On the off chance you have no idea what this is about.
The Artcar: work to date
2002/09/08 Well, at least it looked good.
2002/08/26 Last report before we leave for the playa.
2002/07/07 It rolls!
2002/06/15 Grumbing and more suspension
2002/05/19 Yet more suspension work and some cool blackout lights.
2002/05/04 Getting some seats into place.
2002/05/02 "There's no way that's gonna fit there. Where's my hammer?"
"Oh yeah, like I'm going to use nylon rope to hold down an engine that runs at 2200F."
2002/04/08 Steering, steering, steering.
2001/09/19 A deadline missed.
Burning Man, 2001 Whoops! Guess I should have started sooner. Like all Burning Man projects, it apparently will take twice as long as originally planned.
2001/08/11 One of the saddest days of my adult life -- the best cat in the world died.
2001/08/10 More than you ever wanted to know about VW suspension. Plus, pictures of my girlfriend!
2001/08/04 Junker bug bought and dismantled for parts.
2001/07/29 "Wax on, wax off."
2001/07/28 The really big parts arrive.
Winter, 2000 After joking about building a jet car ("jet's car", get it? GET IT?), decide I could really do it. Do lots of research, rule out all sorts of wacky ideas due to the odds of never finishing them all.
Fall, 2000 Knock around lots of ideas about what to build for Burning Man, decide upon an art car, if time and finances allow. I probably wouldn't do a "proper" art car, since most of the things I've ever wanted to do to a car would prevent me from being able to register it, much less get insurance for it.
Burning Man, 2000 First Burn after years of hearing friends go on about it. Hang out with friends and friends of friends and my girlfriend, most of whom have gone for ages, have a wonderful time, regret having not gone before, feel an intense desire to participate. Take typical first-year pictures that look just like all the other first-year pictures.

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