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The Artcar: 2001/07/29
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"Wax on, wax off" pretty much sums up today's work. I spent most of the day going over every bit of metal with fine emery cloth and a stainless steel brush then spraying on a coat of primer. The raw steel had started to get surface rust where people had touched it, and I knew I wouldn't have a day of sunlight and good weather, so it was time to paint. I'll have to sand off bits of the primer when I get ready to weld, but I'd rather do that than deal with serious rust problems later.
First, however, I have to tip it on it's side so I can get the lower front floor section off. If someone hadn't screwed up somewhere else, I would have had a lower rear floor section to take off as well.
chassis tipped over
And a few hours later, the first coat of primer is completed.
front plate primered chassis

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