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The Artcar: 2001/07/28
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The Chenowth chassis and the Gluhareff G2 engine arrive days apart:
Chassis in Truck Engine in Box
After a quick trip to Home Despot, I have the materials to make a trolly sort of thing for the chassis so I can unload it and put it in the garage. (Yes, I unloaded a 300# chassis by myself. Used rope and some mountaineering tricks that I learned from some spy movie.)

However, Chenowth didn't put in some of the things I requested (and paid for) so now I have to call the dealer on Monday and see what the damn deal is. The reason I ordered the options is because I don't yet trust my ability to TIG weld minor things like floorpan mounts that have to hold the weight of seats and whatnot.

rear view of chassis
I took the engine out of the box to do some "fit testing", as in, "I wonder where this will fit?". The engine weighs maybe 20# at most. Clearly, it shouldn't in front of the driver's face:
side view of engine

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